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About the Blog

When I launched this blog in 2008, it covered “Virtual Events, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Tradeshows, Virtual Meetings and more” – hence the name I gave it, “It’s All Virtual.”

Fast forward several years later – and while I still cover virtual events (I now call them “online events,” actually), the subject matter on this blog has expanded to cover everything from social media to product marketing to, well, just about anything. So make yourself comfortable and stay for a while – I hope you enjoy it.

Posts by Category

Feel free to browse prior posts by category:

  1. The most common topic, historically: posts on virtual events.
  2. I’ve been writing more frequently of late on: product marketing.
  3. I love to spend time on – and write about: Twitter.

Virtual Event Consultation

I provide high-level (and free) consultation on virtual events via email.   If I’m able to assist you, my only request is that I have the option of re-publishing your question (and the associated advice) here in this blog. Contact me via email with your virtual events question and I’ll provide you with my thoughts and advice.

Virtual Events Book

Note: This image contains an Amazon affiliate link.

I’ve written a book, “Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events.”  My goal with the book is to help marketers leverage virtual events to achieve “accelerated lead generation”, where you generate leads and engage with them (in real-time) simultaneously.

Guest Posts

I’ve had the privilege of submitting guest posts to related blogs in the industry. Here’s an assortment of them:

  1. Event Manager Blog: How to Integrate Social Media Channels into Your Virtual Event
  2. eVenues Blog: How to Incorporate Design Thinking Into Meetings and Events
  3. bXb Online Blog: The Last Four Years and The Next Four Years in Virtual and Hybrid Events
  4. Sound ‘n Sight Blog: 5 Ways Event Planners Are Like Online Marketers
  5. 12Most.com: 12 Most Compelling Reasons Online Marketers Should Start a Blog
  6. 12Most.com: 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Consider Hybrid Events
  7. Funnelholic Madlibds: Craig Rosenberg asked online marketing questions and I provided a few answers.

Industry Articles

I’ve had articles published by industry publications. Here are a few:

  1. CMS Wire: The World Has Gone Social: Make Sure Your Web CMS and Website Are Not Left Behind
  2. Website Magazine: Strategic Integration – Enterprise Ready
  3. DemandGen Report: Why Community Engagement is The New Lead Scoring


I’ve also had the privilege of being interviewed on assorted topics:

  1. I appeared on Cindy Solomon’s Global Product Management Talk to chat about product marketing.
  2. Website Magazine interviewed me about the exciting things going on at DNN.

16 Responses to About

  1. Bill Massey says:

    Hello Dennis,

    Very nice site and blog.

    We are trying launch Telepresence (Being Present at a Distance) into the mainstream of ‘public access’. Toward that goal, we’re going to approach currently successful video conferencing businesses that can immediately benefit from an upgrade of equipment and network. For example: we would upgrade their ISDN to a managed T-1 from MASERGY and install a 50″ plasma monitor with a LifeSize Express codec. These upgrades will then be designated a “CinemaWorks Global Telepresence Centre”. Each Centre will then provide a dependable, high quality, template meeting experience, regardless of location.

    Could you direct me to someone who has successfully pulled off a VTS? What better way to advance ‘telepresence’ into the mainstream? … Bill

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I’d be interested in getting your thoughts and opinions for our UK site BusinessMedia.co.uk.


  3. Jock Shepherd says:

    Compliments Dennis on a great site and informative blog. As someone who has worked in the physical events medium for many years and now am committed to delivering tangible value across a virtual platform, the one issue I see as a formidable challenge is that of selecting the most appropriate web technique/tool/innovation to bring relevance and productivity to the virtual experience. With so many applications around virtualisation, avatars, analysis tools etc, the expert virtual event creator must pick an effective set of tools to ensure viability, relevance and positive visitor experience.
    Exciting challenges to face !!!

  4. Dennis Shiao says:

    Thanks, Jock – it’s great to have so many choices available. Much better than the opposite scenario (i.e. not enough choices!) 😉

  5. Dennis,

    I’m so glad to have found your site. I am new to this concept and thinking about putting a virtual show together. There are so many comprehensive options out there. Which solution companies would you recommend for a first show. With smaller target numbers and a lower end initial cost.


  6. Dennis,

    I am writing a grant proposal and would like to talk with you about a bid ASAP. Call me at 877-733-7471 or email me with a packet at psadallah@redwoodsisterhood.com right away.


    Patty Sadallah

  7. Hi Dennis – just FYI for your event listing, this event has been moved to June 17th. Thanks for updating.

    CE Pro LIVE! (The Powerful Online Learning Event for custom Electronics Professionals): http://www.ceprolive.com/ (05/11/2010 – 05/12/2010)

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Christine – thanks for letting me know about the date change. Good luck with your event!

  8. Schez says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I am doing my research on Virtual Solutions and the detailed available here are very much impressive and upto the mark. I would like to keep in touch with you for getting more such information in future.


  9. Caroline Casey says:

    Hi Dennis:
    Great job on your blog. It is informative and well written.

  10. Michael says:

    Freeman, the leader in the events space, is moving into the Virtual Events arena and we are looking for a Project Manager who can market, plan, and manage Virtual Events. Interested? Contact me at michael.goldberg@freemanco.com.

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