Virtual Events 101: Learn Virtual

Your definitive resource for Virtual Events

  1. Virtual Events 101: What Is A Virtual Event?
  2. Virtual Events 101: Tips For Planning Your Virtual Event
  3. Virtual Events 101: Common Use Cases For Virtual Events
  4. Virtual Events 101: Tips For Selecting A Virtual Event Platform
  5. Virtual Events 101: Tips For Building Your Virtual Booth
  6. Live Event Support: How To Run A Virtual Event Command Center
  7. Virtual Events 101: Tips For Creating Your Virtual Event Survey
  8. Post-Event: The Virtual Event Debrief

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19 Responses to Virtual Events 101: Learn Virtual

  1. Hi Dennis!

    Just spent thirty minutes on your blog.

    Really great stuff.

    Congrats, and take care.

  2. Gina M says:

    Where can I find basic information to education my consituents on the value of virtual events? I am at the early stages of event awareness and need to level set what virtual events have to offer.

  3. Dennis Shiao says:

    Hi Gina: the virtual event platform providers (InXpo, Unisfair, On24, Design Reactor, etc.) publish information on their web sites that may help. There are also industry publications (,, etc.). Additionally, I blog quite frequently on this topic, so you can look for related postings on this site 😉

  4. Dawn Kennedy says:

    Your blog is so full of great information! Thank you!! I spent close to an hour on Google and trying to find some basic information on virtual conferencing and found nothing. Your blog in 5 clicks on your site gave me all the information I was looking for. Thank you for this!

  5. Dennis Shiao says:

    Thanks, Dawn – glad you found this blog useful.

  6. Jamie says:

    Terrific and informative blog. Glad I found you. We are helping a client put on a very large virtual event and Are planning the 15 minute keynote address that will be shot as a green screen video. I’m trying to come up with creative ideas for the video that will keep the audience engaged. Any idea where I can find some ideas, or better yet, maybe see some opening videos for other virtual events.

  7. Dennis Shiao says:

    Thanks, Jamie. As for the opening greenscreen video, try taking advantage of embedding background imagery – something not possible in an in-person keynote. For instance, have the CEO ride in on a magic carpet. If a corporation is expanding globally, have the CEO speak with the city of Dubai (or some other location) in the background. There are neat things one can do with greenscreen and computer animations.

  8. Steve Howard says:

    What are the ranges for booth space on a Virtual Event?

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Steve: are you asking about price ranges for sponsorship at a virtual event? If so, the prices tend to vary by industry (e.g. B2B vs. B2C, etc.).

      • Steve says:

        I’m organizing an event for students after high school can visit programs that offer a gap year program. I’ve built my own platform, now I’m trying to figure out how much to charge the exhibitors and sponsors. The attending is free. Probably going to be 20-30 exhibitors and 1,000 or so attendees.

      • Dennis Shiao says:

        Steve: that’s outside my area of expertise, especially for that audience. Let me see if I can find someone who can help.

  9. Stuart Bowen says:

    Great stuff Dennis!

    Steve – most sponsorships offered by the producer of an event are tiered. You may want to create three levels of sponsorship with each getting different options. At the lowest level a sponsor may receive simply a booth with a set amount of content. Sponsors paying the most may get an opportunity to ‘sponsor’ a webcast, host a discussion, have their branding displayed more prominently throughout the event, get listed in the pre-event promotional material etc or even promised a set number of leads. What you offer each sponsor ultimately depends a lot on the functionality of your platform. What you end up charging a sponsor can differ greatly. I have seen sponsorships start as low as $3K and go as high as $25K but at the end of the day it depends on what your market will bear and the types of sponsors you are going after. Hope this helps.

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  11. Hi,
    It is so refreshing to see the feedback with regards to Virtual Events!

    We are launching a 3D fully immersive platform for the Events Industry. You can create your own avatar and brand your stand to your requirements. You can hold meetings, network, give your clients goodie bags and increase your return on investment.
    Virtual Events are going to be saturating the market place as online marketing takes over.

    Please contact me for prices for stands and sponsorship.

    Holly Abraham
    Mobile: 07534 275236

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  13. Dennis,
    Love your blog and this post especially. Great information. Hope you don’t mind me adding a little more…some insight to the virtual audience. Virtual Edge Institute has released some key infographic stats from the 2011 Summit (which you attended). Let me know what you think and what other stats that should be researched. “Face-to-Face and Virtual Events: The Essential Stats You Need to Know”

  14. Dennis,

    I manage and produce online events for a living.
    This is a great article and the site is a great resource.
    I invite anyone seeking to add a project manager that can strategize and run your online events programs and projects to view my resume and contact me.
    Rich Corridore

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