Virtual Event Best Practices

With a number of virtual events on tap for 2009 (see the calendar of events here), marketers and exhibitors are busy preparing – assembling content for their booth, rounding up colleagues for “booth duty” and preparing the sales team for a burst of hot sales leads.  I’ve assembled past blog posts into a collection of virtual event best practices.  Without further ado:

  1. Bring the right people, have the right content (in your booth), perform the right actions and provide the right prizes (
  2. Utilize surveys to provide a deeper understanding of your customer prospects and generate insights back to your product management team (
  3. Leverage Twitter – show-hosts can look to Twitter to expand the reach of the event’s audience and exhibitors can leverage Twitter to invite their followers to visit their booth at  the event (
  4. It’s not always about “net new sales leads” – get closer to your existing customers (
  5. Use treasure hunts to increase engagement (
  6. Have a process in place to handle the hot sales leads (
  7. Utilize multiple metrics to judge success – Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the key metric for most marketers, but also consider other success metrics [e.g. quality of leads, conversion of inquiry to sales engagement, etc.] (

What best practices do you utilize at virtual events?  I welcome your input – feel free to drop a comment below.

2 Responses to Virtual Event Best Practices

  1. You might want to make it a bit clearer whether you are referring to real events on the topics of virtual worlds, realities, and technologies – or to virtual events.

    The title infers the latter. It is evident, after a few more clicks…and some reading…and pass me the chips — and another click. Ah there it is. Real conventions, ok.

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