Virtual Event: Digital Marketing World (Spring 2009)

Source: MarketingProfs

Source: MarketingProfs

If you’re an online marketer, you might want to attend “Digital Marketing World – Spring 2009” today.  It’s free to attend and the only travel required is to click on over to it  (it’s a virtual event).  If you’re not already registered, there’s an event registration page that you can fill out – and then enter the show right away.  The event generated over 12,000 pre-registered users – so, come on in and join plenty of your online marketing colleagues.

David Plouffe, Campaign Manager for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign is doing a video keynote presentation to kick things off.  I’ve seen lots of excellent chat occuring while David was speaking – many of the comments were around David’s presentation material around social media:

Source: screenshot capture during MarketingProfs' virtual event

Source: screenshot captured during MarketingProfs' virtual event

I’m online as an exhibitor at this event – so if you decide to join, come say hi – I’ll be in the InXpo booth:

Source: InXpo's booth at MarketingProfs' virtual event

Source: InXpo's booth at MarketingProfs' virtual event

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