Virtual Events: Ready, Set, Go (eBook)

Announcing the availability of a FREE eBook (PDF):

Virtual Events: Ready, Set Go

This eBook was created from a collection of past blog postings that cover virtual event basics, such as planning, selecting a platform and building your virtual booth.  You can see most of the blog postings on this Virtual Events 101 page.

Note, this is in PDF format – it’s not the same type of “eBook” that you read on the Amazon Kindle, iPad or related device.

Here’s the chapter outline:

  1. What is a Virtual Event?
  2. Planning Your Virtual Event
  3. Selecting a Virtual Event Platform
  4. Building Your Virtual Booth
  5. Running a Virtual Event Command Center
  6. Organizing a Virtual Event De-Brief

Here’s the link to download your free copy:

Virtual Events: Ready, Set, Go

Enjoy – and, drop a comment below to let me know your feedback.  Thanks!

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3 Responses to Virtual Events: Ready, Set, Go (eBook)

  1. mariakorolov says:

    Dennis —

    You know, you can read PDFs on an iPhone or iPad, right?


    — Maria

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Maria: yep, understood. Before long you’ll be able to attend virtual events on them as well 😉

  2. […] the event, said InXpo product marketing director Dennis Shiao, in a recently-released report about virtual event best practices. Dennis […]

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