Top 5 Virtual Event Posts Of 2010

Here are the Top 5 posts (on this blog) for calendar year 2010.  The Top 5 List is in descending order and based on the number of page views per blog posting.

#5: Virtual Events 101: Tips For Building Your Virtual Booth

My guess is that many readers built their first virtual booth during 2010.  This posting provided tips planning and objectives, content strategy and booth staffing.  In addition, it provided tips on content presentation, “search optimization” and how to stand out from the crowd.  This posting is part of a broader Virtual Events 101 page that provides tips on virtual events.

#4: Bringing The Physical Event Experience To Virtual Events

This posting did some brainstorming on features that virtual event platforms could provide to bring physical event experiences to virtual events.  Then, it covered tips for virtual events, including how to gauge attendee interest, how to connect with interested attendees and how to create better attendee networking.

#3: COMDEX Re-Launches As A Virtual Trade Show

This was big news back in March, that the famed COMDEX show would return as a virtual event in November 2010.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store this November at COMDEX Virtual.

#2: How 3D Virtual Worlds Can Be More Like Twitter And Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have taken the world by storm – this post received a lot of traffic by association.  I thought it was logical that 3D virtual world platforms could adopt some of the principles developed by Twitter and Facebook, such as the pervasive “Like” feature from Facebook.  I posited on some new concepts, such as closed circuit TV and on-demand TV for virtual worlds.

Finally, I guess I foreshadowed “Second Life Shared Media”, when I suggested that web content be embedded in-world – Linden Lab announced that feature a few short months after my blog posting.  More recently, I wrote about Second Life being at an important crossroads.

#1: The Future Of Virtual Events

There’s always something about the “future” that generates interest and curiosity.  I’m still a believer in the vision of the future (for virtual events) that I painted here.  While none of it has come to fruition, it’s just a matter of time.  In the future, that is!

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6 Responses to Top 5 Virtual Event Posts Of 2010

  1. I’d like to hear more on your thoughts on how and why virtual events will go mobile, as in your The Future of Virtual Events post. I personally find that virtual events consume a large amount of focus and attention, because they’re rich environments. How do you foresee and envision virtual events in the context of mobile?

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Ron – thanks for the comment. “Why” go mobile? Because that’s where your end users are. Computing is shifting from the PC and laptop towards the tablet and smartphone.

      “How” do we go mobile? As I suggest in my “futures” post, it’s a phased approach, which starts with less rich, non-immersive utility (e.g. staffing a virtual booth and supporting text chat).

      As the next generation of smartphone technology comes about (with associated leaps in processing power and perhaps larger form factors) – and, as 4G is further adopted, then immersive experiences become more practical.

      • Leesa Barnes says:

        As an attendee, the problem I find with mobile virtual events is that some virtual event platforms use flash and flash doesn’t work on the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone due to a hissy fit between Apple and Adobe.

        There are so many virtual events I can’t attend and if I could access the recordings on my iPod Touch, I could catch up on A LOT of stuff. But, alas, until the issue is solved between Adobe/Apple or until Apple comes out with its own flash-like technology that can fun on its products, I guess I’ll have to consume the content from my laptop.

      • Dennis Shiao says:

        Leesa – the other solution would be for virtual event platforms to develop platform-specific versions of apps.

        So for instance, there would be an iOS app that would run on Apple’s devices. And then another app for Android, etc.

        This is the way (I believe) the industry will proceed.

  2. Jim Reilly says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I agree with your take on the migration to mobile and am excited by the recent news that Sharp will be launching a 3D phone by October this year. The use of 3D video in an immersive (or even 2D) virtual environment can only enhance the user experience.
    Any thoughts how virtual event organisers/practitioners can capitalise on the increasing accessibility, processing power, applications and new features we are seeing on our personal devices?

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Jim: five words: “augmented reality for hybrid events”. Imagine the possibilities for physical events that have a virtual component.

      The smartphone (at the physical event) could be your guide for the on-site experience, as well as your gateway into the virtual/online world.

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