Social Media Integration for Your Virtual Events

Integrate Social Networks into Your Virtual Events

Photo credit: seotips2011 on flickr.


Aside from private, “invitation only” virtual events, most other virtual events can benefit from the integration of social media channels.  Integrating social media is a win/win because it increases and augments the degree of engagement within the event.

And, it enables your attendees to promote the event on your behalf.  Awareness extends to your attendees’ friends and followers.  A few retweets and likes later, and the visibility of your event can increase to “near viral” proportions.  Social media integration should not be about slapping up Twitter and Facebook icons throughout the event.  In this posting, I outline READ the FULL POST on the Event Manager Blog.

To Read the Remainder of This Post

The full post is available at The Event Manager Blog (from Julius Solaris).  You can read the full post here:

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