Great Example of Audience Involvement


Shortly after publishing my post on engagement models to build audience loyalty, I tuned in to Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, with the Boston Bruins visiting the Vancouver Canucks. In my post, I outlined a “fully synchronous” engagement model, in which a webinar presenter provides a brief introduction, then invites the audience to speak.

The National Anthem

At Vancouver Canucks home games, the national anthem is performed by Mark Donnelly. He puts on a rousing performance in front of a highly engaged audience.

In fact, after singing the first verse, he stops singing, raises his microphone to the crowd and turns into a conductor, as the fans sing the next verse. Here’s a video of a recent performance – you can see Donnelly “pass the mic” at the 0:33 (33 seconds) mark.


Canucks fans are passionate about their national anthem – there are numerous videos on YouTube of fans singing the national anthem outside the arena before games. I wonder if the tradition of audience involvement in Vancouver increased fans’ intensity around the national anthem?

In either case – while this was a great example of fully synchronous engagement, we all know that audience loyalty (to the Canucks) has more to do with the product they put on the ice!

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