Let’s Collaborate on The Next Few Blog Postings

Photo credit: Donkey Hotey on flickr.


I’d like to author my next few blog postings collaboratively. I’ve developed the “shell” for two postings and am making the content available for anyone to edit (via a wiki).

I’ll play the role of Editor. If your contributions are relevant to the topic of each post, I’m not likely to change anything. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.  If I accept your contribution, I’ll list your name and contact info (if you desire) in the blog posting.

Next Steps

I’ve started blog postings on “learning to knit online” and “how mobile video changes things.” Here are the wiki pages:

Wiki: How to Learn Knitting Online

Wiki: How Mobile Video Changes Things

By default, you’ll land on the “View” tab, in which you can read the draft posting.  To contribute to the posting, click on the “Edit” tab (immediately to the right of the “View” tab).

The wiki is hosted by PBworks and if you don’t have a PBworks login, you’ll be prompted to create one.

I’m looking forward to collaborating!

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