5 Reasons Meeting and Event Planners Should Attend The FRESH Conference (@Freshconference)

The FRESH Conference for designing effective meetings

The following is a guest post by Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Founder and CEO of EVENTagist.


Meetings are changing, are you?

Driven by the need to demonstrate value, by financial pressures, by regulatory compliance and by new technologies, changing meeting formats may be one of the toughest but most important objectives meeting organizers face.

When organizing a meeting or conference, you need to understand what tools you have available and how you can use them. And the most impactful tools may be meeting formats.

The FRESH Conference

“The FRESH13 adventure is not just theory, but thorough practical experience.”

At the FRESH conference, the annual conference organized by the Meeting Support Institute specifically dedicated to, and focussed on, meetings and events design, we will look at what we mean by a ‘meeting format’.

Attendees at The FRESH Conference - January 2013 in Copenhagen

We will explore together meeting formats, session formats and presentation formats, tools and techniques. The FRESH13 adventure is not just theory, but thorough practical experience.

For two and a half days, from 13-15 January 2013 in Copenhagen, FRESH13 will mix world-renowned speakers in a highly interactive environment rich with tools and technology to give you an opportunity to experience first-hand a wealth of innovative meeting formats and resources that engage attention and drive effectiveness.

What’s In Store

We will look at coordinating and managing the speakers and experts, the facilitators, the presentation designers and all the other specialists we need in order to deliver the meeting.

We will explore how to work with the venue for ever-changing room setups; with production and AV for their support; with catering for smart cooking; and how we apply sustainability and integrate the city, the surroundings.

We even include a little detour through sciences such as psychology, neurology and cognitive science to help us develop convincing arguments. The FRESH program will share stories and cases to convincingly demonstrate this valuable knowledge to your clients.

5 Reasons to Attend The FRESH Conference

1) To understand meeting owners and their objectives.

Meeting owners have a lot of power over meetings and events but their objectives are not always clearly identified. FRESH has experts on several topics that help you understand better what is needed to make our ‘clients’ sit down and spend some quality time on setting meeting objectives.

2) To experience a wide variety of meeting formats.

Meeting formats have an enormous impact on the outcome of a meeting or event. Knowing the theory is one thing, but practical experience of different meeting formats and techniques is essential. FRESH will have a different format for almost every session and will allow you to learn by experience: get ready to be totally immersed in session formats, presentation formats and all sorts of applicable techniques.

3) To learn from best practice through case studies.

Our crowd-sourced program is enriched with case studies from corporate and association meetings – big and small – each one providing many tips for you to take home and use.

4) To discover innovative tools and techniques for meeting design.

To craft good meeting designs you need a big toolbox. In the FRESH conference, but also in the Toolbox Networking Area and especially in the Learning Carousels, you will see, feel, hear and experience tools and techniques that you can take home and apply immediately to your own projects. Discover the new applications on iPad; crowd-sourcing tools; gamification platforms and more.

5) To meet and connect with your professional colleagues in meeting design.

The people that are professionally active in designing effective meetings come from many different backgrounds: senior planners, creative producers, AV professionals, facilitators, speaker managers, meeting architects, communication professionals and more.

Other sectors FRESH will be welcoming this year are Interaction Designers and Crowd-sourcing professionals. FRESH introduces you to an exciting new mix of disciplines, all focused on making meetings and events more effective.


We all want to become the ‘go-to’ person for meeting design. With better understanding, stronger stories and a bigger toolbox you are equipped to face the challenging world of the meeting owner. FRESH helps you to increase your impact on meetings and events. As you move into meeting architecture, you become stronger and more successful in helping meeting owners reaching their goals. You shape change.

Join the FRESH tribe

Join us at the Fresh Conference in January in Copenhagen and at the end you will be ready to shape change for your coming meetings and events.

If you cannot come, you can attend on-line and our virtual meeting facilitators will ensure you can participate effectively and that your voice will be heard.

  1. Learn more about FRESH13: http://www.thefreshconference.com
  2. Register now: https://www.etouches.com/ehome/fresh2013/registration/?&

Note: Special discount code for readers of “It’s All Virtual”: smc-FRESH13-buyer-20%

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About Stefania

Stefania Conti-Vecchi, CEO of EVENTagist

Stefania Conti-Vecchi is Founder and CEO of EVENTagist, a selected community of international experts with a specific know-how in the Meeting Industry. Besides organizing events, Stefania also assists and supports meeting owners and organizers to create and manage meetings & events applying the most innovative solutions in each single stage of the process.

Specialized in new technologies topics and creative marketing strategies, her expertise ranges, particularly, across hybrid meetings, social media and all the web and mobile tools that can facilitate the life of the organizers. Passionate about mobile device applications connected to the needs of the Meeting Industry, Stefania speaks at international conferences and training courses on these “tech” topics and writes as blogger.

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