Silicon Valley Virtual Worlds Conference: Seeking Expert Panelists

July 21, 2010

On September 24th 2010, FountainBlue will hold its “Second Annual State of the Virtual Worlds Industry Event” in Silicon Valley (California/USA).  The topic of the event is:

Virtual Worlds: Where We Were, Where We’re Going, What Does It Mean to YOU?

Previously, I posted a summary of the 2009 event.

This year, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on corporate use of virtual worlds – the title of the session is:

Corporate Panel: Serving Customers, Building Communities, Training Users

I’m seeking expert panelists (local to the Bay Area / Silicon Valley) who have used virtual worlds in a corporate setting (e.g. for customer engagement, marketing, community building and learning/training).

If you’re interested in being a panelist, drop a comment below, find me on Twitter (@dshiao) or send email to dshiao (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Here are more details about this event:

FountainBlue’s Virtual Worlds Annual Conference
Topic: Virtual Worlds: Where We Were, Where We’re Going, What Does It Mean to YOU?
Date & time: Friday, September 24, 2010, from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Location: TBD – Silicon Valley (USA)
Cost: Register by September 23 at noon: $42 members, $52 partners, $62 general
Late and On-Site Registration: $83 for members, $93 for non-members
Registration Link:
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Investors only. No service providers please.

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It’s All Shareable (Tweet Highlights, June 2010)

June 8, 2010

Because tweets are temporal, while blog postings are permalinked…

Selected musings and sharings, all done in 140 characters or less – for a full subscription (at absolutely no cost), follow me at @dshiao.

It’s All Shareable: June 2010

Virtual Events

  1. My 2010 Virtual Event Predictions: (2010 almost half over, time to grade myself!)
  2. @SecondLife tries for a second coming (from @EntMagazine): (w/quote from @EricaDriver)
  3. RT @mike_arias: 10 Conversion rate optimisation tips for #virtual events
  4. Gaming and #virtual events – read about strategy & tactics from @CiscoLive: (by @dveale) #eventprofs
  5. For virtual events, users tweet first, email your support team later (so make sure you’re monitoring)
  6. A mid-year report card on my 2010 #virtual events predictions: #eventprofs

Social Media

  1. Twitter: Is Marketing Doing It Wrong?: (agreed on all 3 points, @aprildunford)
  2. How @Houlihans used a @Ning social network & email mkting to connect w/customers: (by @AnnaMariaVirzi of @ClickZ)
  3. (Makes sense) RT @OpenTable: RT @Yelp: No reservations about it: Yelp integrates OpenTable reservations
  4. RT @iandavmcg: 9 Anti-Social Behaviors: Oscar’s Guide to Social Networking at Events
  5. From @WashingtonPost: What sites such as Facebook and Google know and whom they tell:

Product Ideas

  1. If your app supports multi language, use a “Switch back to ..” link and render it in the “switched from” language
  2. Idea: in Outlook, support tabs (like browsers do) so I can keep multiple folders open – wonder if that’s already in Office 2010
  3. Idea: in “wall discussions”, allow a “flag for follow-up” (signal others). Users login & check wall posts they were flagged in
  4. Idea: Social game for @dictionarycom – when using site, share word (but not defn) w/FB friends – one w/closest definition recvs “points”


  1. “Know what you don’t know”, says @CiscoSystems CEO Chambers in @Newsweek interview:
  2. What’s your favorite single-letter-single-number conference: f8, D8, E3, G7? Other?
  3. (Excellent preso on V1 products!) RT @danolsen: Posted slides from my #SVPMA #prodmgmt talk:
  4. Webinars w/o webinar platform? Office 2010 has support (in PowerPoint) for broadcasting over web – can’t view animations, though
  5. Neat: Toolbox: A Workshop for Startups (June 12, Palo Alto, CA): #prodmgmt #prodmktg
  6. RT @jowyang: Do It Right: How To Successfully Produce A Webinar: Follow the “Ten P’s”
  7. Healing by 2-Way Video – The Rise of Telemedicine:

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