InXpo: The Power of The Platform

Over at the InXpo blog, I wrote a posting about “The Power of The Platform” – our belief (at InXpo) that the platform serves as the foundation on which our value is delivered.  We deployed Release 8.3.1 of our Virtual Events Platform, complete with lots of exciting features:

  1. Powerful navigation options – pull-down and push-up sub-menus in the event “toolbar”
  2. On-the-fly translation for group chat and one-to-one chat
  3. Multi-language support for the InXpo Webcasting platform (XpoCast) – on both the presenter and viewer interfaces
  4. Full-text document search
  5. Content recommendation engine

And now comes the exciting part – working with clients to apply these features in their upcoming events.

Here’s the full link to the blog posting: Feature Overview: InXpo Virtual Events Platform (Release 8.3.1)

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