Chapter 6: Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events


“As the virtual event market takes off, organizations need a blueprint for success: UBM Studios’ “Generate Sales Leads with Virtual Events” provides just that. Simple and clear, this essential guide can help organizations at every stage, from planning and promotion to lead scoring and follow-up.”

Chapter Excerpt

UBM Studios has published an edition of my book, “Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events”. Chapter 6 of the book is titled “Engage with Virtual Event Attendees.”

One of the most critical elements of this chapter is the section that covers roles and responsibilities of your booth staffers. Especially for virtual events that draw large crowds, having a coordinated team leads to more goals in the net. And to continue that analogy, as the leader of your internal team, you need to serve as the head coach.

This entire chapter is now available to you. Visit the UBM Studios page for more info:

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