My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media


On the one hand, social and mobile technologies have made a huge and positive impact on my life: I can read and share content wherever I am. I’ve met and discovered new people that otherwise would not have been possible.

On the other hand, I now stare immediately into my iPhone when I enter an elevator. When I walk to grab a sandwich for lunch, I stare into the same iPhone, despite the presence of clear and sunny skies. When I’m at home, I find myself checking on tweets, rather than enjoying quality time with my family.

In short, I need a better balance between “online and offline.” As I begin 2012, here are my 3 resolutions related to my use of social media.

More books, less tweets.

If you follow enough people on Twitter, have a bunch of folks “circled” on Google+ and connect with friends and family on Facebook, then you could view streams on your social networks for days without end. Content flows like a waterfall and the social media waterfall never runs dry.

I still plan to stay current with my tweeps, find interesting content and do quite a bit of tweeting and plus’ing. But, I won’t be obsessive about it. No checking tweets immediately before going to sleep and then again when I wake up (although I admit, I still check email immediately after the alarm goes off in the morning.)

When at home, I’ll now leave my iPhone (and laptop) in another room for extended periods of time, making me “offline.” To fill the “gap,” I plan to read more books in 2012. And yeah, I’m referring to books printed on paper and not e-ink.

Friends over followers.

I’m flattered that folks want to follow me on social networks. Like I said earlier, being followed and following others has allowed me to “meet” lots of interesting people. Connecting and interacting online can be quite fun and rewarding.

But if I’m successful with these resolutions, I’ll establish more meaningful relationships “in real life” compared to online followers. That being said, “connections” that I make online have led to “meeting in person,” and that’s been great. I’d love to do more of that in 2012.

More enjoyment of destinations.

When I visit a new museum, try a new restaurant or go to the ballpark, I’ll look to see if they’re promoting their social media channels. I’ll then spend time checking out the activity on those channels (via my iPhone), follow them on the spot and tweet to them.

The result is less attention and energy towards truly enjoying the destination. Instead, I’m again immersed into my smartphone. In 2012, I resolve to remember the social channels promoted and save the tweeting and browsing until after I return home. I resolve to focus on the exhibit, enjoy the grub and savor my seats (not tweets).


Yes, I consider myself a social media junkie. For 2012, I need some therapy. For now, I’ve set out a personally assembled plan. Let’s see how well I keep to my resolutions. I think it’ll help bring more enjoyment of … life! Use the comments section below to share thoughts on your own use of social media. Thanks!

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