7 Responses to How to Do Product Marketing Without Marketing Your Product

  1. Dennis,

    Brilliant post, by someone who knows a thing or two on the subject. 😉

    It’s obvious that individual blogs and websites are the new “newspapers and magazines” attracting readers to spaces where they can also be informed of related services and products they may be interested in purchasing or learning more about.

    I agree that content will remain the most important part of any marketing strategy for some time. I also think it behooves anyone marketing a business or organization in 2013 to cultivate flexibility, experimentation and risk-taking because today’s hottest tools and technologies are likely to be replaced tomorrow.

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Jenise: thanks! Agree completely regarding content and experimentation. Content is a bedrock and will always serve as a foundation to your marketing. But, technologies, formats and experiences will change and it helps to experiment, learn and adapt.

  2. Excellent.

    Wow, you covered an entire Product Marketing charter in one post

  3. Well written Dennis. My company has noticed for quite some time now that the marketing model has shifted. In fact, we made the shift about 12 years ago.

    Cold calling and outbound calling was always challenging at best but it has become a really low yield activity. Most of the time, one hits voice male and if you don’t have the precise name of a content, reception simply will not put you through.

    The challenge becomes sorting out the wheat from the chaff from the main inquiries that land in your inbox. It’s interesting that the majority of people who send an e-mail requesting a quote do not even respond to an initial e-mail sent immediately with clarifying questions.

    There is always the risk that you ideas will get ripped off and used internally or passed to a less experienced supplier.

    Also, if you are not successful in obtaining the business the first time round, it is quite shocking the number of follow-up/update e-mails that get deleted, unread.

    This is definitely a buyer’s market. I have written a few pieces to try to educate the buyers.

    – Team Building: 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Requesting Proposals http://t.co/hBPmGW2

    – Incentive Travel & Team Building Proposal Ethics http://bit.ly/incentivetravelethics

    Here are some tips for the seller:

    – Responding to Third Party RFPs http://t.co/oj0z6oln
    – Event Planning & Consulting Challenges: Protecting Intellectual Property http://t.co/mKm3AKH9

    This is for both:

    Corporate Event Planning: Questionable RFPs Why Prospects “Fall Off the Face of the Earth” http://bit.ly/k03ZDM

    • Dennis Shiao says:

      Anne: great articles (above) – you know I’m a big fan of your writing! You made a wise shift from selling buyers to educating them. And it seems you made that shift long before the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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