PHOTOS: My Visit to Twitter HQ

Image source: A photo tour from the San Francisco Chronicle.


It helps to have friends in high places, especially when those places reside on the ninth floor of Twitter HQ in San Francisco.

After 12,815 tweets (consuming roughly 1,601,875 characters), I was excited to pay Twitter’s HQ a visit recently for a Halloween event. Twitter moved into its new digs (on 1355 Market Street) earlier this year and Mashable published some really neat photos at the time.

Photos from Twitter HQ

Dennis Shiao atop the green roof at Twitter HQ

Twitter HQ has an awesome green roof on which employees are welcome to take in sweeping views of San Francisco, while meeting with each other or doing work (the WiFi coverage extends to the roof). The roof is quite similar to the “Living Roof” that can be found at the California Academy of Sciences (also in San Francisco).

Drink dispenser (with Twitter logo)

Small kitchen areas provide drinks and snacks that employees can help themselves to any time. As I walked past this particular area, I was drawn to the intense glow of the Twitter bird.

Twitter's HQ is full of @names and hash tags

I saw more hash tags at HQ than at Twitter chats. And that’s not surprising, I suppose. Twitter ID’s (prefaced by the “@” symbol) can be found all over HQ, as well.

Twitter’s conference rooms are named after birds and the room names include the “@” symbol. I looked up some of the names on Twitter and discovered that they belong to “regular” users. So there must be plenty of users out there who don’t realize their Twitter ID is the name of a conference room at HQ.

Dennis Shiao in front of the "bird" at Twitter HQ

The shirt I’m wearing is the clothing item closest in color to the Twitter blue. I had a nice visit to HQ. I was so captivated by the experience that I … forgot to tweet about it!

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